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America’s Prince

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Sexy as hell

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Hi haters!

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Queen Elizabeth II at day three of the Royal Windsor Horse Show

I know what you are thinking? “Why can’t I rock a raincoat like the Queen?”

She’s just so gosh-darn cute.

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Yes I’ve created another blog…Don’t ask me why lol

Follow it anyways http://jackieandlee.tumblr.com/

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"The one thing I do not want to be called is First Lady. It sounds like a saddle horse."

— Jackie Kennedy

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Anonymous asked: whos the baby you posted?:)

Oh, that’s Princess Estelle of Sweden. She’s so freaking cute!

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"That extraordinary, gallant woman - Jack’s only love. He would have been so proud of you today." —Edward Kennedy’s toast to Jackie at Caroline Kennedy’s wedding, July 1986

At that moment, all eyes present fell on Jackie, who was reduced to tears by her brother-in-law’s heartrending words. Because regardless of whatever else had happened in the ensuing years after Dallas, she had never recovered from the loss of the love of her life - nor did she ever expect to. She had forced herself to learn how to live without him, and although she persevered to carry on with the permanent burden of an irreparably broken heart, becoming adept at keeping her immense grief and torment deeply tucked away within the innermost core of her being, his absence still shattered her soul until the end of her own life. And so, mere weeks before her death, as she gazed at the beautiful Toni Frissell prints of her wedding to JFK from 40 years earlier, as she gazed at the simple gold band he had placed on her left ring finger that day - the emblem of their love, which she kept wearing until her final breath - she reminisced, finding tremendous comfort in the knowledge that soon, she was finally going to rejoin her beloved soulmate, the love of her life who was so cruelly wrenched away from her arms some three decades prior.

"Her final words were to Caroline and John; she told them, 'Don't cry for me. I'm going to be with your father now.’  —Pastor C. Bernard Ruffin, historical biographer

Jack Schlossberg 

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