The Kennedy brothers in 1960. Jack, Bobby, and Ted.


His family defined political style and vigor for a generation of politicians

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Lem Billings. Kirk LeMoyne Billings was Jack’s very best friend from their time at Choate prep school in 1933 to that fateful day in Dallas 1963. He truly loved the Kennedy’s and as Jack’s best friend when they were apart whether it was serving in WW2 or when Jack was attending Harvard and Lem at Princeton or even when Jack was frequently in the hospital, Lem wrote him very often as did Jack to him. He was always with the Kennedy’s during their vacation times usually in Palm Beach or the family compound in Hyannis Port. He knew the family members very well and pretty soon it was like he was just another brother or son. Lem always with a drop of a hat looked to support Jack and his family as he helped campaign for all of Jack’s elections, as well as Bobby’s in later years (whom he became very close to after Jack’s assassination) and Teddy’s presidential campaign in 1980.

“I was three years old before it dawned on me that Lem wasn’t one more older brother. So often did Lem come home with Jack that he kept more clothes in the closet than Jack did.” - Ted Kennedy

*photos courtesy of the book: Jack and Lem: The Untold Story of an Extraordinary Friendship written by David Pitts



Young political couple

Joan is looking beautiful here.

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Letter from young Jack to his mother, asking to be Teddy’s godfather. From JFK Library.

Omfg, my heart. 

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EMK filling in for bobby after his 11th child is born, Rory.


So sweet together

Joan and Ted Kennedy visit Chatsworth House, May 1965

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